Today’s buildings and campuses interact, learn and adapt. We help you find the right customized solutions to achieve cost savings, increase productivity and improve user experience.  We provide end-to-end digitization that also meets our customers’ high security requirements.



— Thriving In The Digital Era Securely

Consult plan build operate electronic security and building IoT

— Is Your Business Security Ready?

Future-proof your enterprise by implementing a proven strategy that prepares, confronts and protects against today’s advanced security threats. With our design and engineering experts, along with our experience in systems integration and operations management, we help you become enterprise secured. e-shelter security elevates you to these new levels of security and safety through state-of-the-art solutions and technology.

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— Consult

We review your facility with a security risk analysis and advise on how to interconnect your infrastructure through smart building technology. We assess areas of vulnerability, inefficiency and at-risk spaces with respect to security systems, IoT sensors, cyber threats and more. Once an assessment is made, we develop a tailor-made and vendor agnostic security and digitization concept.

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— Plan

Rely on our experts for standard and detailed designs for robust, secure and dependable security and smart building solutions. High quality smart solutions – from one source with neutral suppliers and stakeholders – sets a clear path towards enhanced building and security measures.

Graphic of a hand and a wrench which stands for e-shelter security building services

— Build

We install the hardware and software required for the operation of your secure networked building and use our expertise in project management, systems integration and software configuration to ensure smooth implementation. Process efficiencies are achieved by centralizing disparate systems and integrating them as the brain of the facility and security management structure.

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— Operate

We manage the entire life-cycle of an integrated system. Our service and data technicians ensure that the IoT system and security technology always functions reliably. Our services are available around the clock. We connect your building system to our DIN EN 50518 and VDS 3138 certified control centers for 24/7 monitoring and alarm management for both security and IoT systems.

— Experience Security
in a Data Center

See how turnkey electronic security and IoT solutions implemented by e-shelter security generate cost savings through process automation while continuing to protect people and assets.