— How to design the return to work with digital technologies

Booking and live occupancy display. The digital implementation of the 2-meter office for a safe return to work.

Due to the minimum distance of two meters that needs to be maintained safely between people, available workstations during the pandemic are significantly reduced. e-shelter, along with our partner Thing-it’s digitization solution, can enable the 2-meter office easily for set up and management. Bookable workstations, i.e. workstations that comply with the distance rules, and live occupancy that are displayed on digitized building plans are among the features of the two meter office.

Workstations and meeting rooms can be booked quickly and easily via the Thing-it app. Discretely installed sensor technology ensures that booked but unoccupied workstations or meeting rooms are made available so that no unwanted use occurs.

Dashboards can also be used to display occupancy in anonymized form and thus analyze the acceptance of office layouts. This data provides information on the direction in which the office needs to develop – both during and after Covid-19. Implementation involves adding wireless sensors so that a booking solution with live occupancy indication can be implemented quickly and easily.

— Holistic Workplace Solutions

Our holistic back-to-work solutions are modular in design. The modules are based on cutting-edge technology that we implement for you with the highest operational reliability. Specific features such as workplace booking or proximity tracing can also help guide cleaning and disinfection responsibilities within the workspace.

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