In a changing world that brings new risks for critical facilities such as energy and utilities, we are always one step ahead. With over twenty years of experience in critical infrastructure, we know exactly which measures effectively increase physical security, and thus overall resilience.

— Increasing resilience through physical security

Energy and utilities companies are experiencing increasing demands on the physical protection of their facilities, not least due to the KRITIS Umbrella Act. The national implementation of the Directive on the Resilience of Critical Facilities (EU-RCE Directive) aims at resilience planning that shines a light on the area of physical security for the first time. We support you in increasing overall resilience with a package of measures that enables an efficient defense against physical hazards, and a controlled access process.

— Physical Security Assessment

Are you ready to meet the requirements of the KRITIS law regarding physical safety?

To ensure that your organization meets current requirements, the following questions should be considered:

  • Is there a comprehensive risk analysis for physical threats?
  • Are physical barriers regularly tested for effectiveness?
  • Do you use access controls with logging for sensitive areas?
  • Do you detect unauthorized entry?
  • Is there continuous monitoring in place to identify potential security incidents?

Were you unable to answer every question with a definite “yes”?

With our Physical Security Assessment, we check the maturity of the existing systems and measures in relation to the “state of the art”. At the same time, we show potential for increasing security and cost efficiency through digitization and automation.

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— Hazard prevention and access management
for critical infrastructures

This increases the physical security of critical facilities and ensures more efficiency through automation.

— Know Your Site

With our hazard management platform, which integrates different systems across locations, we enable a holistic safety situation picture. Know Your Site supports you in reporting relevant disruptions and their causes in accordance with the KRITIS Umbrella Act.

Resilience management within the meaning of the KRITIS Umbrella Act also requires the reporting of disruptions by the operator, including their causes. This requires reportable documentation and traceability of security incidents, as we achieve them with the central hazard management platform and the package of physical security measures.

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