Most industries have their own rules - not just in the form of security and legal regulations but also in terms of requirements, which result from the relevant business models and targets. Our end-to-end solutions can help customers in various industries enhance security, improve efficiencies and sustainability. e-shelter security has its origins in protecting data centers, where the security, safety and compliance standards are some of the highest in any industry.

— Data Center

Critical infrastructure facilities require the highest levels of physical and network security as their goods and services are vital to a country and its citizenry. Our expertise is a multi-layered security solution that is designed with a thorough audit and risk analysis. Process and controls are then created to prevent intrusion and unauthorized access breaches at sensitive touch points. Our physical and virtual solutions along with stringent process policies and quick reaction through enhanced access management, perimeter protection, video surveillance, fire detection, cyberthreat monitoring and more ensure business continuity for the data center operators and their customers.


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full-lifecycle data centers security solutions with the highest levels of physical and network security

— Energy and Utilities

In order to meet the new requirements of the KRITIS umbrella law operators must meet minimum standards in the areas of access control and perimeter protection and central monitoring of security-relevant events. Learn how to sustainably protect people and assets through holistic security solutions while enabling efficient operations by means of intelligent process automation.


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— Industry and Logistics

In an industrial and logistics landscape with increasingly digitalized and interconnected supply chains, securing access to sensitive areas is crucial. Against the backdrop of increasing complexity, additional challenges such as coping with high traffic volumes, the diversity of nationalities in the working environment and the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries bring new requirements. In view of these dynamics, it is essential to strengthen the company’s resilience and be able to react flexibly to unforeseen events. Continuous monitoring of processes makes a decisive contribution to increasing efficiency and minimizing risk.

In order to meet these challenges, we have developed customized security solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of industrial and logistics companies.


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Manufacturing and Logistics facilities come with highest levels of physical and network security

— Real Estate

Commercial real estate landlords and corporate real estate managers desire high occupancy rates. Building attributes are increasingly important contributors towards lease agreements with safety, security, comfort and convenience ranked high on a list of tenant needs. Building management is constantly balancing services and value-added amenities with managing various building expenses. A transformation into a smart building that increases tenant satisfaction and optimizes costs.

modern building security need the highest levels of physical and network security

— Financial Services

Financial Services companies’ goals are to mitigate risk and generate the most favorable monetary results for themselves and their clients. It is understandable that there is so much at stake when you are dealing with money, high profile clients and reputation. Financial Services companies also have to deal with clients face to face on a daily basis and as a result, their buildings need to have a comprehensive security strategy in place due the amount of sensitive financial information both physically and digitally.


financial services comes with highest levels of physical and network security

— Government

Government agencies process, manage and maintain all types of sensitive data and personal information. As a result, strict visitor verification and access controls are necessary along with overall physical facility surveillance. We understand these requirements and delivers unparalleled security, safety and compliance to public agencies. We also integrate our solutions into existing systems and deliver greater process efficiency. This results in lower costs with fewer resources required – all positive outcomes that contribute to a healthier, safer and more secure public workplace environment.

secure public workplace need the highest levels of physical and network security

— Public Spaces

Areas accessible to the public such as museums, theaters or outdoor landmarks may be considered national treasures that must be thoroughly protected. While the responsibility of a museum is to secure its multi-million-Euro artifacts and artwork, this environment should not infringe on the visitor experience. As a VdS certified integrator, we implement solutions that combine IP video with AI, fire and intrusion alarm systems. Our control centers allow new levels of situational intelligence and incident management capabilities 24/7.

public accessible areas such as museums

— Professional Services

Professional services organizations such as law firms, consultancies and accounting firms handle sensitive information where there is an obligation to protect personal data, financial transactions, intellectual property and more. Clients rely on a professional service firm’s trust, reputation and expertise to guide their interests to the best possible result. We take a holistic approach to your requirements and limit your own risk by ensuring high levels of security and protection.

Consultancies, Law & Accounting Firms