In industrial and logistics companies, physical security involves more than just protecting buildings, technical equipment and goods. Complex supply chains must be secured and intangible assets and people protected. Plant traffic and the large number of international visitors and service providers pose a particular challenge. This increases the risk of cyber attacks and sabotage of technical systems and supply facilities.

To meet these challenges, we have developed modular security solutions tailored to industry and logistics.



— Integrated solutions to strengthen resilience

Find out how our solution modules help to secure processes, control access and detect and avert dangers at an early stage.

— Hazard prevention


When securing your industrial or logistics operation, rely on a multi-level system for perimeter and intrusion protection that combines various sensors to reliably detect relevant events and avoid false alarms. Intelligent video technology not only enables seamless monitoring of loading and unloading. It also detects hazards on (high) traffic areas or missing personal protective equipment, thus helping to prevent accidents.

Take a holistic approach to fire protection that incorporates innovative fire detection options using thermal radiometry. For example, fire hazards in the storage and handling of lithium-ion batteries, in technical systems or in recycling areas can be detected at an early stage and measures can be initiated automatically.


— Access management


Enable a secure access process with a consistent, digital user experience – regardless of whether you are dealing with employees, guests or service providers. Our mobile access solution, which uses the smartphone as an access medium, is the way forward.

We control access to zones with a higher protection class, such as IT and technical rooms, with door monitoring and separation. You can also integrate automated access control with a microwave body scanner to increase security.

Take a holistic approach with our solutions that combine access control with parking and visitor management. Registration with identity verification is also automated for international guests at a self-service kiosk.

Simplify access with the help of license plate recognition and ensure smooth processes with a system that allocates gates, ramps and parking spaces.


— Visual process support


The use of intelligent video technology and IoT systems enhances supply chain security and increases process efficiency. Visual process support helps you to ensure smooth handling of commissioning and storage as well as clear liability transitions. Incorrect loading can be detected immediately, and subsequent costs avoided.

With video documentation of the condition of the goods, you can also clarify the causes of damage and irregularities.

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— Digital security management


Integrate all security systems into a single management platform for a comprehensive security picture and targeted alarm processing.

We can help you introduce Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and set up a security control center. Or you can rely on the services of our VdS 3138-certified emergency call and service control center.

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