We deliver the most innovative and effective approaches to your security: We leverage industry leading products in the area of electronic security and IoT technologies and join them to create a customized, holistic security solution just for you. Our team has experience and expertise with both the implementation and operation of multi-site security systems.

— Visitor Management


By integrating a digital visitor management system, we automate access processes and verify identities at border control level. Using biometric technology and artificial intelligence, the system offers maximum security and efficiency. Within seconds, the self-service kiosk verifies the authenticity of the ID document and uniquely matches it to the bearer of the ID using biometric facial recognition. After successful identity verification, the self-service kiosk issues an RFID card with individual access authorizations.

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— Intruder Detection Systems

As a VdS certified integrator, we provide end-to-end security solutions for high-end residential, commercial buildings and large enterprise buildings (VdS is a German institution for corporate security and safety). Our portfolio ranges from stand-alone intruder alarms, control panels and motion sensors to fully integrated access and door control security installations. Our customers benefit from the seamless integration of intruder detection systems, which combine both modern equipment and cutting-edge technology. Video, fire alarms and access control systems are monitored from a single user interface within our 24/7 security control centers.

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customized intruder alarm system solutions for electronic security and IoT technologies

— IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure design from our single source perspective for electronic security and IoT technology solutions

As part of the planning and construction of complex security systems, we also take care of the IT infrastructure design from our single source perspective.

From specifying the requirements for passive components (fiber optic, CAT cabling) to delivery and installation. we can also take on IT support and maintenance of the entire IT technology process such as:

  • Conception of WAN and LAN infrastructures​
  • Delivery of IT hardware and software​
  • Installation and commissioning of complete security networks​
  • Conception of the integration into existing corporate networks considering IT security and certification requirements​
  • Clarification of data protection requirements with the responsible data protection officer
  • Preparation of process descriptions
  • Monitoring of the IT infrastructure during operation​
  • Patch management​
  • Lifecycle management​
  • IT operations (backup, user administration …)

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— Business Intelligence

As we embed distinct security and IoT systems within a powerful integration platform, we are able to perform data analytics from thousands of sensors and devices across multiple sites. As a result, we generate new levels of situational intelligence and actionable business insights for our customers. This big data analysis, in turn, creates greater operational efficiencies and increased cost reduction opportunities.

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data analytics customized solutions for electronic security and IoT technologies