​Today’s buildings interact, learn and adapt through interconnected systems, sensors and devices. Our Smart Building solutions help to create more automated and cost-effective facilities by optimizing areas such as energy management, safety and security, space utilization, communications and more. Through our powerful AI platform, we also create a more enjoyable and convenient digital workplace experience.

— Platform

Our customized end-to-end IoT solutions truly deliver a smart building that operates reliably and smoothly. ​With our building IoT platform, we create an unrivaled list of use cases. Find out how it works:

— IoT Infrastructure

Graphic of building IoT platform section IoT Infrastructure

We set up a secure and scalable IoT Infrastructure including beacons, sensors, gateways, access control systems, smart locker systems and more.

— Integrated System Landscape

Graphic of building IoT platform section Integrated System Landscape

We create a fully integrated system infrastructure with an intelligent platform connecting to building systems such as access control, lighting and building automation as well as to IT applications such as Microsoft 365 or Google Calendar.

— Customized Platform and App

Graphic of building IoT platform section Customized Platform and App

We create a digital twin and configure the Smart Building platform to deliver a fully customized system with an app and portal into your corporate design. 

— Operation Management and Data Analytics

Graphic of building IoT platform section Operation Management and Data Analytics

We monitor, maintain and support the IoT system. Workflows are automatically triggered through defined business metrics. We provide insights from data analytics and notify your team in case of security events or abnormal activity. 

Experience Innovations at Work

See how IoT technology implemented by e-shelter security changes the way we move and collaborate in a Smart Building.

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